Justin Curry in Dispatch by Lynn Lane Photography

Created by Travis Lake

Premiered on December 1, 2022 at James and Nancy Gaertner Perfomring Arts Center, Huntsville, Texas, United States

Choreographed and Directed by: Travis Lake

Performer: Justin Curry

Composition and Sound Design: Travis Lake

Costume Design: Aniya Wingate

Lighting Design: Neal Petz

Callers (in order of appearance):
Colton: Drew Ritch
Fire: Undisclosed
Prank Call: Adele Nickel
Holly: Caroline McReynolds
Indiana Highway Patrol: Michea Walls
David: Saroa-Dwayne Sasa

Inspired by the Danish film, Den skylidge, Dispatch places audiences in the passenger seat of a high-risk abduction. Using architectural physicality, spoken word, and original sound design, Lake forces a magnifying glass onto a 911 dispatch operator while they race the clock to save a desperate hostage.