Night Crawl

Photography by Lynn Lane


Premiered on May 2, 2024 at James and Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center, Huntsville, Texas, United States

Choreographed and Directed by: Travis Lake

Performers: Emma Clinton, Hayley Grimes, Paige Hall, Isabella Kissinger, Jocelyn Laforte, Alexandra Payne, Charlee Poulin, Ryan Taylor, Maddison Williams, Jasmin Velasquez

Composition and Sound Design: Travis Lake

Voice Actor: Dionne Sparkman Noble

Costume Design: Olivia Salazar

Costume Assistant: Ethany Somrasamy

Lighting Design: David Deveau

Night Crawl, choreographed by Travis Lake, is an exploration of the enigmatic allure of things that go bump in the night. The cast of dancers move with a delicate balance of grace and intrigue, embodying shadows that creep beneath the moonlight. Set to an original composition by Lake, Night Crawl is a landscape where mystery and fascination intertwine, inviting its viewers to lose themselves in the depths of the nocturnal unknown. The soundscore includes field recordings procured from local cemeteries, prisons, and an abandoned road reputed for substantial paranormal activity–all captured with permission.